Step in Live is delighted with its collaboration with Black Hand Crew. An attentive, experienced and result-oriented team led by Raph. The work is always done in a good mood. What more could you ask for?

Step in Live

« BHC is the embodiment of my passion for rigging. As its founder, I manage the team and am responsible for planning. My goal is to provide assembly and disassembly in accordance with professional standards and in total safety, thanks to skilled riggers and precise organisation. I always find a way to resolve technical and structural limitations, in collaboration with the production team, in order to ensure that your event comes off without a hitch. »

Raphael AltenhovenCEO & Head Rigger

« I trained in project management and work backstage. I listen to Raphaël and the crew and help to organise projects efficiently: I fine-tune the details, liaise, discuss options and take care of the little details to maximise the human side of BHC’s development. The human side? BHC’s main goal is not profit, but the common good. With Raphaël, we are driven by sharing and I am responsible for this backstage. »

Leala Achour« Backstage Operator » BHC

The members of our crew are skilled and qualified professional freelancers who are passionate about rigging and have the experience needed to complete the tasks entrusted to them. They are always happy to lend BHC a hand and are at the heart of the caring and family spirit that keeps the crew going.  

BHC works to encourage recognition of the rigging profession in Belgium, improve training and safety and ensure fair remuneration for these professionals.

Team members

« The Francofolies de Spa have called on Raph and his team for many years to place our tarps and perform various tasks at a height. A genuine relationship of friendship and trust has developed between us. Their friendliness, availability and top-quality services delivered consistently on time mean that we are not going to stop collaborating with ‘Black Hand Crew’ any time soon. »

Vincent MonvilleGeneral Manager of the Francofolies

« Raph is a bonobo. His agility is impressive. I can see that he understands requests right away. He always finds the solution. I find working with him reassuring. He is attentive, humble, listens to his team and has the family spirit that is needed for this kind of work. I would gladly take such a committed guy on tour with me. »

Raphaël KesslerHead rigger, Rigging Computer Operator (Scenium), Head Rigger for the Aya Nakamura Tour, SHY’M Tour, Roméo Elvis Tour, Maitre GIMS Tour and Shaka Ponk Tour.